Joy of Silence

More joy of life without any distractions
Start: February 22, 2024 for 5 weeks

Getting to know silence as a creative place

Can you still remember what it feels like to rest in yourself, to be at peace with yourself and to feel pure joy and creativity? Without any distractions or being annoyed? That's exactly what this 5-week masterclass is all about

Together we will:

get to know focus as a new form of self-love

bring our head-driven minds to rest

create new spaces without distractions

Activate the power of our intuition as a guidance

strengthen our connection to the body through conscious breathing

experience transformation on a deeper level

form a supportive community

5 weeks online course

Meditation is much more than just sitting still and doing nothing. It is a possibility the paradise to find the paradise within yourself again that you have always longed for. In these 5 weeks we will create a new base for inner peaceall without distraction, so that you can master your everyday life and stormy times powerfully, creatively and with joy. The course is for beginners and advanced (we all bring added value to the group and always gain new knowledge and experience).

Duration & content:
5 weeks
5 online meetings (max 1.5h)
5 tasks for at home
5 guided group meditations

Joy of Silence

Start: February 22, 2024
incl. recordings &
personal support


Focus on your most important relationship through self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-care


Connection to your inner guide, importance of the subconscious, recognizing the difference to fear, compass exercises, human design approaches


Your introduction to silence, What is the why behind all of this? Types & techniques, Meditation for everyday life, First steps


Free Mind

Get to know the power of thoughts & words, positive afformations (with o) for your future, your peace & your personal responsibility


Conscious breathing in everyday life, breathing as an introduction to mediation, to regulate the nervous system


These 5 weeks are about awareness, understanding and implementation. You are invited to use this time to take a break from what distracts you (e.g. social media, alcohol, sugar, certain people, etc.).

Are you ready?
To stop being distracted?
To meet yourself in silence?
To take personal responsibility?
To growing creatively?
To live a free and self-determined life?