Write Yourself Free

Your journey for ultimate self-confidence, more clarity, inner peace & beautiful relationships

Meet yourself through writing!

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"Write Yourself Free" is for you if you....

  • already tried many things, but nothing was really sustainable
  • want to unfold your true potential
  • want to reconnect with your heart and intuition
  • want to free yourself from what has held you back for too long
  • want to strengthen yourself and your roots through writing
  • want to change limiting beliefs about yourself, about money & freedom
  • want to create new authentic relationships
  • want to be creative again
  • want to understand your thoughts & feelings
  • want to clearly see your next steps in life


Start writing directly after you have downloaded the magic concept

You will get access to a private Telegram group. You can find the link in your member area

Deep mentoring 1:1 session with me you can book additionally

High Value:
you get the support of like-minded people to stay tuned as well as lifetime access to the content


You'll receive 1 well designed & structrued workbook that will guide you

For reflection and a fulfilling life, you will dive into important life areas & topics: Money, sexuality, beliefs, fears, health, goals, etc.

You will be given additional methods to process what you have written even more deeply (Breathwork, Meditation & Somatic Release Exercises)


Thoughts and words are energy. Energy is the vibration we carry within us. How we vibrate is what we attract into our lives. We need to be aware of negative energy and process and eliminate it. To find room for growth, we need to find the negative energy and turn it into positive energy so we can live the life we want. We can do this through writing.

You decide the pace, the depth, and you can write how you want. Nothing you have to share with others.


"Writing is the most powerful way for me to be honest with myself and gain clarity"

What does that mean to you? Through the power of writing you can

  • listen to your heart and intuition
  • work with all your 5 senses
  • balance your feminine and masculine energy
  • you take more responsibility for yourself again
  • create new relationships
  • strengthen your self-confidence
  • make courageous decisions
  • free your soul from blockages
  • be more relaxed and breathe more freely
  • develop more compassion & understanding
  • attract more abundance into your life

Q& A - Questions about the course:

You can start right away in your very own style and with a chapter of your choice that feels easy to you. Optionally, you can also join a private Telegram group for more motivation.

You can write at your own pace, decide for yourself how deep you want to go and who you want to share it with. This concept is a lifelong guide. You can always take a break and come back.

Yes, absolutely and at any time. If you feel that you would like additional and personal support, e.g. from a coach or therapist, please contact me: info@jessycahaas.com

Not at all. It is a tool like many others and not a cure. If you feel that you need more support, contact me and we will find the best solution for you: info@jessycahaas.com

In the concept you will find many suggestions to help you activate memories. Otherwise
trust the process, your intuition and the divine temporal interplay. I am here for you if you have any questions!

Be there!

If you are brave enough to take your life into your own hands with a pen and a piece of paper - with more energy, love & focus!

The beauty of this concept is that no matter what else you encounter on your journey, you can always open it up again and keep writing 🙂

And if you're in the coaching business yourself, this is a nice guide for your clients!