Inner Awareness

Surrender To The Unknown

Surrender to the unknown for more confidence & joy of life

January 15, 2023
10 am - 1 pm Via Zoom

Happiness is an inside job!

Do you also want to start the new year with more color, confidence and zest for life? Instead of brooding and worrying unnecessarily, have more energy, confidence and fun? Then I have something for you, because everything starts in you!

In this workshop you will learn:

how to say goodbye to permanent stress

how you surrender to uncertainty

how you can sleep better again

how to reconnect more with the heart

how to strengthen your immune system

how you keep your motivation up

how you stay in trust

how to manage your reactions & emotions


With very simple possibilities we can inner consciousness create. This makes our everyday life easier and helps us to true nature, so that we can always keep in touch with our divine source connect.

For this we will heart opening movements, the connection to the own natural breathing and the Silence in the head help

More harmony, peace & joy of life!

Inner Awareness

Start: January 15, 2023
10 am - 1 pm via Zoom

"Inner Awareness allows you a space,

perceive yourself differently

free yourself from control

to experience life anew

and surrender to uncertainty for more joy in life.


Heart-opening movements help us above all to reduce fears, to strengthen trust and to have fun. We thereby extend an invitation for love and healing. Even small movements can work wonders in everyday life.


Breathing consciously again helps us reduce stress and pain. When we reconnect with our breathing, we strengthen the immune system and get a healthier posture. We also develop more powerful energy.


With the right technique we manage to observe ourselves, to be more focused and to balance the emotional well-being. There is more calm and clarity in the head and our self-confidence increases.

"Inner Awareness" is a holistic approach and creates a whole new quality of life - professional & private!

So, if you want to take your relationships, your health, your professional situation - oh your WHOLE LIFE to the next level now, join us and surrender to the unknown!

It is time to worry less!
I send you magical greetings from India!

We start on January 15, 2023!

Invest: 111€

The price will increase!


Give your body and mind this gift. The stress has come to an end! Now your life begins with more dedication, confidence and joy of life!

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I look forward to seeing you and I am here for you.