Soul Business Mastermind

- Raise up your business & life

A 4-month journey that will change your life!

Start: Q3 2023 for 999€ / month

This mastermind group is for you if....

  • you want to make a career start
  • you want to strengthen yourself and your roots
  • you no longer need the validations of others to feel valuable
  • you no longer want to be guided by your fears
  • you want to access your heart and intuition again
  • you want to change limiting beliefs about yourself, about money and freedom
  • you have tried a lot of healing on your own, but nothing has helped in the long run
  • you are curious about new extraordinary methods and tools
  • you feel that life has more to offer you
  • you want to awaken your extroverted goddess and leader in you
  • you are ready to free yourself from emotional dependence
  • you want to get out of your comfort zone
  • want to have my support and that of other brave ones
  • you want to create a boundless, self-determined and fulfilled life for yourself


We start in July 2023 for 4 months

This mastermind group takes place online with you and max. 3 other leaders, which means that you can join in from anywhere in the world, just like me.

1x a week we see each other live in Zoom. A Whatsapp/Telekram group will support you 24/7.

An individual 1:1 coaching session with me is included

You get support from your new allies to keep you going


You get access to my online programs "more confidence" & "Write Yousrelf Fee" &
"Manifestation Class"

We dive into your questions, dreams & desires that you bring with you

In the call you will see how I bring others into their energy and get further impulses for you and your business.

You will get tasks and meditations for Body, Mind & Business to really grow in these 4 months


Professional serenity and stability means above all inner work & strengthened roots. This training requires the courage to leave your comfort zone, your absolute commitment, personal responsibility & implementation power.

The energetic investment in you and your new life is currently only 999€ per month (I can imagine that the price will increase)

Ps: this mastermind group is for employees, self-employed & those who want to become self-employed

This program includes all my knowledge & experience

What does that mean for your reality?

  • You get clarity how it should go on professionally with you
  • You get into the implementation for your professional direction
  • You learn to listen to your heart and intuition
  • You go through your fears for your growth
  • You balance your feminine and masculine energy
  • You take 100% self-responsibility
  • You get more into self-confidence
  • You make bolder decisions for your business too
  • You get into the implementation & see successes
  • You allow yourself things that you did not allow yourself before and thus create more abundance in your life.

Be there!

If you are brave enough to take your life into your own hands - with more energy, love & focus!