I'm Jessyca - Embodiment Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Change Manager and passionate about creating momentum for a fulfilling life.

Jessyca Haas

I am here to help you build a spiritual mindset so that you can reconnect with your true nature and live a self-determined life that you truly want to live.

Until a few years ago, I worked successfully as an international project and change manager for start-ups, NGOs and corporations. Before that, I completed degrees in business administration and management and did a lot of further training on top. Even back then, I felt that this was more the path to security and recognition. In addition, everything always felt somehow exhausting and I was playing different roles. (Apart from my psychosomatic disc pain and recurring sore throat).

In a short time, however, I have managed to authentic self again and to find a new free self-confident life that suits me. As a result, I was finally able to realize my dreams - the feminine way. That means connected with my intuition, with a lot of serenity and trust. (You can find the trainings and certifications that helped me with this below).

And here's my message to you: you can do it too!

All you need at the beginning is a new Mindset and the CourageTo reacquaint yourself with your emotions and your energy.

In my Blog articles, Podcast episodes, Videos, much sought after Online courses and Trainings, I show determined people how to deal with specific exercises, Meditations and unconventional steps from their Step out of your comfort zone and thereby more Trust, Freedom and Lightness gain in their lives.

My journey

From constant brooding to absolute serenity and gratitude

In my former life as an employee, I always adopted the values and principles of others, which I was not aware of for a long time. Neither did my sensitive nature, which was intangible for many. I often needed the affirmations of others to feel good. With the decision to create a life for myself in which I always remain true to myself, I was alone at first.

Not necessarily helpful were the pessimistic sayings from the immediate environment: But you've changed, it's impossible to talk to you anymore, you've become selfish. It can't always be easy. I don't understand your new world view.....

But one day the penny dropped for me:

"If my happiness depends on what someone else does or doesn't do, says or doesn't say, I'm trapped".

I have understood that I cannot control what others think or do. I will find true freedom only when I discover that my happiness does not depend on anyone. My happiness depends solely on what I focus my attention on.

So I started being more mindful of myself, learning from others and working with others who were already where I wanted to be. It was a much easier path than going it alone. So I was able to create my very own new and crazy reality, which I now use to motivate and help a lot of other people at the same time.

The most important step for me was to look inward. I found the peace to do this in a mindfulness-based monastery. There I meditated a lot and became aware of what my very own Values, Principles and Lighthouses are. I started to breathe properly again and a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Writing my own autobiography helped me to look honestly at my childhood and formative experience, to reflect and to integrate it lovingly! Only then did I understand what it means to be very sensitive. Also that I carried the pain and anger of others with me for far too long and above all what influenced me too much: my loving parents, social systems, media, narcissistic relationships, my fearful attitude towards money, the topic of sexuality, and above all the comparison with others.

This path has taught me an insane amount about Traumas, Psychosomatics and the holistic health.

I have written down the development for you again in detail.

In the meantime I give all my knowledge and experience of the last 15 years from the fields of Management, Leadership, Nutrition, Sports, Sexuality, Meditation, MBSR, Neuroscience, Respiration, Psychology, Psychosomatics, Spirituality in individual and group training sessions as well as online courses.

Why strengthening one's roots is the only real thing!

For me, a self-determined life with emotional balance means above all inner spiritual freedom and being enough for yourself. To have the freedom to be the way we simply want to be. At any time and no matter where in this world. Self-confident, honest and with confidence! And for this it needs strengthened roots.

I was inspired to live only my true self - professionally and privately - by a spiritual teacher I met a few years ago. In everything she did, I could feel that she was so solid in herself and that she only let herself be guided by her heart and her intuition. So she always has the certainty, no matter how the world changes, no matter which way she goes and which decision she makes - to stay on her very own soul path!

Today, after I have discarded what still conditioned me from the past and kept me small, and above all I have reconnected with my own divinity I live and work abroad for several months at a time. Often on the island of my heart, Tenerife, or, as in the last few months, in India and Iceland.

Freedom, a self-determined life, without thought carousel and being successful at what you choose to do are great results for a boundless life in abundance. I have dedicated my life to reaching many people and using my motivation and spiritual mindset to inspire them to go their own way instead of getting stuck somewhere frustrated.

The following certifications & trainings have helped me to expand my awareness of body, mind & business even more:

  • Yoga Teacher Training - Vinyasa Yogashala Rishikesh India
  • Transcendental Meditation and Pranayama Practice - Norbert Wobbe since 2018
  • Trauma Relesase Exercise Course- TRE Trauma Prevention David Perceli
  • Vipassana 10 Days in Silence Training - Ashram Tamil Nadur India
  • Breathwork Pranayama Instructor - YogaLap
  • MBSR Mindfulness Training - Time & Silence Ramona Mosig
  • Change Management for Organizations - Competence On Top Munich
  • Business Coaching Training - Team Benedikt mindfulness based monastery
  • Systemic Health Coach for Stress Reduction, Nutrition & Fitness - Tübinger Akademie
  • Life-Work Planning for resource-oriented project management - LVQ Bertatung GmbH

Jessyca, how did you do that?

I can answer the question quite easily: first of all, I admitted to myself that I no longer wanted to live the way I was living at that time. I was too dependent on so many things on the outside. My job, my past, my friends and especially money. In addition, I felt that there was something like energy and subtlety again. So I looked for someone who is already there where I want to go and understood me - because together it is always easier. And then I went, step by step.

The following features have helped me and I am convinced that you also have it in you:

A strong will

you must be so sick of your own garbage that you go off!

That certain feeling for more

you may be aware that there is much more on this earth and in this world than you have dreamed of so far. It is ok to feel more joy of life again.

The willingness to trust

Control is an illusion and you may learn to surrender everything, which the universe may take care of from now on - no matter how crazy that sounds 🙂

Courage to leave the comfort zone

If you want to attract something new into your life, then you are allowed to think, feel and act as you have never done before! Don't worry, I'm with you!

A new environment

Connect with like-minded people who think differently, lighter and bigger. This is the only way you will grow!

Radical honesty with yourself

You simply can't fool yourself once you reconnect with your intuition. Your body will talk to you again and you will learn to listen to it. Your sensitivity will help you!

Be simple

The magic is: the less we do and are only consciously busy, the more we can be and receive. That feels great!

The ingredients for your boundless and self-determined life in abundance

Now you might be wondering what the first step is and if you have to quit your job to do it?

No, everything is very relaxed. But, because I am often asked how I started my journey, I have designed a workshop that will be the basis for your journey with strengthened roots.

"Turn your self-doubt into self-confidence and learn why your self-worth is so important to what you choose to manifest in your life."


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