1:1 Coaching

Mentoring, guidance, support, healing....

Nice to see you...

...have decided for a personal (online) coaching with me and are ready for your clarity are!

Is it about more serenity & calmness? Real self-confidence & self-awareness? Finding purpose & potential development? What it is, each of my sessions is about one thing above all else:


You have several options for this:

1 × 60-minute online session as impulse coaching for €120

This is for you if:

6 - 12 weeks 1:1 online coaching & mentoring

Whether you want to change something professionally or privately: you have the opportunity to work with me for longer and to be accompanied by me through the phases of self-reflection, integration and transformation!

What you get:

This is for you if you:

Price depends on the period you choose. Book a free Crystal Clear Call for this!

The appointments take place online and are arranged via email. For coaching and mentoring sessions lasting several weeks, you will also receive access to various online courses.

And if your heart and soul now scream: Yes, I absolutely want it!

Then turn off your head and feel free to contact me for an initial free consultation.

General comment:
My work is holistic, neutral, intuitive and cause-related. Depending on the topic, I include the different levels of each person: the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and environmental. I also use classically proven coaching methods as well as approaches from traditional wisdom teachings.

E.g. self-reflection techniques, meditation and breathing techniques, and somatic exercises.

I work with people who are committed to growth, change and transformation and who take personal responsibility. With people who are mentally healthy and who are NOT in an acute emotional or mental stress situation or addicted to drugs. I do not see myself as a suitable companion for this!

If the former is true and it feels right for you, then we are a good match. I myself prefer to pursue and live my dreams with joy instead of looking for excuses and getting stuck in the past. The same goes for my clients. I am endlessly excited to support you, help you see things more clearly and differently, find out who you really are, make peace and realize your dreams. That's the only reason I'm here for you!

Love & Gratitude,